Pricing – The Brand Box Club


With an array of pricing options, joining our community of creative fashion and beauty entrepreneurs is a no-brainer



Photo/Video Studio Time - 6 HRS
Flex Space Time - 6 HRS
Member-Only Masterclasses
15% Discount on Courses
Free Access to Community Meetups
Access to Private Facebook Community
One-Hour Consult Per Quarter Membership



Photo/Video Studio Time - 3 HRS
Flex Space Time - 3 HRS
Member-Only Masterclasses
10% Discount on Courses
Free Access to Community Meetups
Access to Private Facebook Community



Want to utilize our facility outside of a membership plan? Check out our individual rental rates below

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Where are you located?

The Brand Box Club is located just north of Atlanta, in Roswell, GA. Our Address is 875 Old Roswell Rd. E-300 Roswell, GA 30076.

How do I book my services?

Once you become a member, you will have access to the member portal. There you will be able to book your services and partake in other perks.

How far in advance can I reserve space?

Reservations can be made 30-days prior to event date.

Do I have to use all of my hours each month?

No! Your hours can roll over- so if you wan to save up for a big shoot or event that will last multiple hours, let us know- we'd love to have ya :)

I'm out of town, can I become a member of The Brand Box Club?

Our goal is to expand The Brand Box Club in multiple cities, but until then we would love to host you at our North Atlanta Headquarters. Please reach out and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction regarding accommodations. 

What Backgrounds do you have in your photography/videography studio?

Our Studio houses a 87 inch backdrop paper system and we carry colors black, white, grey, and green screen until our unique backdrop sizing becomes available for purchase in April.  We also have an array of fabric backdrops and patterns, as well as a number of props. 

How many configurations does the Flex Space have?

Our flex space can convert into a pop-up shop, a roundtable meeting room, a classroom, and a conference room.

What is the Pop-Up Shop Configuration?

This configuration includes two clothing racks, one 60-inch table, a chair and podium to take transactions, and one fabric backdrop wall with a hidden storage space. We also include Shopify swipe capabilities for $40/event. 

What is the Roundtable Configuration?

This configuration consists of 3 merged conference tables and seating for 12 in a circular functionality with projector capabilities. Additional seating available.

What is the Student Configuration?

This configuration consists of three seminar tables in rows with seating for 9. Additional seating available. 

What is the Conference Configuration

The conference configuration includes three rows of 5 chairs with seating for 15. A podium and chair for the teacher as well as projector capabilities also available.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Tuesday-Friday 1-8PM EST and Weekends by appointment only. We accept bookings from The Brand Box Club members on weekends from 1-8PM EST. All bookings are scheduled through the member portal. 

My question wasn't answered, how do I get in touch?

Please reach out at and we'd love to shed insight on any questions you might have. Looking forward to hearing from you!