When it comes to the world of fashion and beauty, there aren't many rocks that creative director Adrienne Hill has left unturned. She started her career in the fashion and beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist for film while obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Arts Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago. 

        Hill then enrolled in the prestigious Miami Ad School for her master's studies to figure out how to scale her business full-time. Her theory was that advertising school would teach her how to get into the mind of the consumer, and it did.  She was able to sell water to a whale.

What it did not teach her was how to form a business, build a brand, find her target audience and create a scalable, solid foundation. 

After dropping out, successfully launching her own fashion + beauty brands and the subsequent brands of hundreds across 40+ countries, Adrienne realized that what she and so many entrepreneurial-hopefuls in the fashion + beauty industry needed was a place to learn, test and grow as an entrepreneur before launching into full-time entrepreneurship. Thus, The Brand Box Club was born!

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Have an idea that you want to flesh out? Need advice on how to get started? Having a hard time figuring out your audience or knowing where to find them? Need a push in the right direction? It's time to get clarity in regards to the direction and focus of your vision and move FORWARD with your business. You were given your vision for a reason and Adrienne is here to help it come to fruition.  It's time to get UNBOXED!!

The Unboxed consultations are just the push you need to gain clarity and get the ball rolling. Sometimes we need a little fire under our a**, a little excitement and a little direction to pivot our ideas into things - Adrienne is dedicated to doing just that!

General consultations are booked in 60-minute increments and you get the opportunity to pick Adrienne's brain on a number of topics from branding, strategy, business legalities, conceptualization, web development, brand messaging, client acquisition and retention, organization, time management social media practices and a host of other business-related topics.