Custom Mailer Boxes

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Custom Mailer Boxes

from 295.00
  • 24-QTY Full-Color Boxes

  • Custom Box Design

  • Dimensions: 11.25 x 9 x 3

  • Shipping Included

Our boxes are designed with two types of customization: Basic Box: Our Basic Box customization includes solid color, textured or patterned printing on the entire exterior of the box, with an added logo design on the top panel of the box. No inside printing included.

Accented Box: Our Accented Box customization includes everything in our basic box configuration +  2 accented front-facing panels in a texture/pattern of your choice (glitter, patterns, solid color, text etc). No inside printing included. 

Domestic Shipping Only. If you are interested in international shipping of this product, please contact us for an international shipping quote. 

Design Type:

Our Custom Wig Boxes are the perfect way to display, ship and package your products! With full customization options, our custom boxes will be the perfect branding tool to take your brand to the next level.

All boxes come with full-color exterior printing and the option to add your logo design. We also have additional customizations to make your boxes fit uniquely with your brand. 

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