[Video] Perfection Kills

Transitions are what we make of them – the shifting of one thing to another can be as easy or as difficult; as planned or as spontaneous; as fast or as slow as we want them to be. 

As I shifted into a new capacity a few months ago and transitioned from being a full-time web and graphic designer, I brought along the same work ethic, mindset and mentality that served me in my previous space. It completely zapped my creativity and I felt unhappy and STUCK.

When I realized that being perfect wasn't everything, I began experiencing new heights of creativity, found new passions and new ways to serve my audience all over again

I quickly learned that the need to be perfect, the need to always get it right, is not as important as just doing the work and being present in my new capacity.

It's okay to figure it out as you go. It's okay to not have all the answers, and your imperfections are what make you human and relatable. I hope this video blesses you! <3 

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