It's a New Year at The Brand Box Club

It's a New Year at The Brand Box Club


2017 was a year of tremendous growth and preparation, and I am so excited (and nervous, honestly) to roll out everything I've been working so hard to bring to you guys for the better part of last year (if you have not checked out my 2017 Recap, you can see it here).


The Brand Box Club Atlanta Headquarters

The Brand Box Club will be opening it's physical location this month, and I am so excited to offering a wealth of local opportunities to connect, serve and educate entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area! Our headquarters will offer the following:

  • Photography Studio
  • Videography Studio
  • Product Photography Studio
  • Classroom Space
  • Flex-Space/ Meeting Room/ Vending Room
  • Brand My Bundles Showroom


Our grand opening is this month so stay tuned for your invite!


Live Classes

Businesses in the Atlanta area will have the opportunity to take advantage of intimate live classes throughout the year at The Brand Box Club.



I also plan to offer several event series surrounding community, connections and entrepreneurial self-care! 


Dope Content

In 2018, I just want to create, communicate and celebrate the amazing women that I've encountered along my entrepreneurial journey! I will be creating amazing content on our youtube channel, writing a ton on my blog and interviewing some amazing fashion and beauty entrepreneurs around Atlanta and beyond. 



The bulk of my offerings this year will be courses, e-books, how-tos and DIYs centered around creating amazing content. I love making things look and I want to share all I know in a fun, unconventional, un-boring way! 



 A lot of my clients have requested one-on-one attention, and in that I've realized that I really have a gift for strategy and the patience to walk someone through the difficulties of branding. I will be offering a number of consultation packages from strategy to full brand audits that will fit a host of needs!



In 2018 I plan to do a lot of traveling in celebration of my success, my bag and my moves! Crazy colorful and unique pieces coming this summer! :)


What Not to Expect

Individual Web, Graphics and Print Services: I will not be offering any design services indefinitely, however I will be accepting one client a month for The Brand Box.  


As you can see, I have a TON up my sleeve for 2018 and I'm SO excited about all the things I have in store for you!! What do you have planned for 2018? Let me know by hitting reply!!



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