2017 Recap + The Top 3 Lessons Learned as an entrepreneur

Have you ever been out of town and felt like you did so much in three days that it would span two weeks of time in your normal life? That was 2017 for me.


SO. MUCH. HAPPENED. I’ve literally had some of my brightest and darkest days as an entrepreneur in 2017, and it all hit so fast that I didn’t have time to process it all, much less share it with you guys. I know my communication has been patchy, and I’m truly sorry for not being more open during some of the most life-altering experiences of my career. 


At the beginning of 2017 and upon receipt of Shonda Rhime’s Best Seller, I declared 2017 the ‘year of yes’. I’d say “Yes!” to everything God would have me do – no matter how hard, no matter the consequence. It was a year of total faith.


Sometimes that faith felt liberating and brave, and sometimes it was the worst, most terrifying feeling you could ever imagine. But, I didn’t quit. Entrepreneurial faith is lateral- it increases as your harvest does. The trials get harder, the decisions are more difficult. Things sting longer.


I was in the thick of that ‘thang for significant amounts of time throughout the year, and it honestly took me about a week to be able to write this and 2 weeks to press through the video. The hardest part about recapping my year was having to realize collectively how many things have happened this year, but I reminded myself and I’m here to remind you that it is now 2018. We made it to the finish line. We pressed through, and I must say I came out on top!! GLORY! 


Ohhh the growth I witnessed in myself and my business. I transitioned my branding firm, launched four new businesses, secured staff and an office suite with a multimedia studio, classroom space, lounge room etc!! I am amazed at the lengths I have grown as a person and business owner and it was all because I chose to remember those three letters throughout it all. 


It was my pulse. It kept me going. Check out the video to understand my “yes” moments! Cheers to riding the waves of 2017 and returning safely to shore. We made it y’all! 


Happy 2018!!