Trust Your Divine Timing


If you are reading this, chances are you are on an entrepreneurial path, or interested in starting one which distinguishes you from a lot of people. What I have noticed about entrepreneurs is that we have one mutual dot that connects us all- one trait that if you ask anyone in pursuit of anything entrepreneurial, they will have it. That connecting dot is vision.

In order to be in business, you have to envision an entity that does not yet exist and work towards making it become what you have seen. This is the fun part. We write the grandiose plans, craft illustrious vision boards, pray, and even do the work. We hustle and we look forward and press towards the mark. We champion for our namesake and our children’s children.

But what happens when your life starts to play catch up with your dreams? What becomes of your vision board when the mark you were pressing towards seems further and further away? That’s the part of being a visionary that no one talks about - the frustrating, not-so-pretty part.

You see, as visionaries, we are gifted with seeing things with a wide lens. Where some people have to go A-B-C to reach their goals, Visionaries map out A-Z and work their way backwards from where they are trying to go.

But the working backwards can get hard, and lonely, and confusing. You know what you’ve seen in your vision but in a society of microwaved/instant everything, waiting on things to manifest can be a chore.

I get it, sis. HOWEVER.

You’ve got to learn to trust your own timing. If things are on a certain pace, there is a reason why. Sometimes you have to be processed in order to walk into your next season of wins. Sometimes the old you, the old ways of doing things, and old mindsets have to shift in order to even be able to contain your “next.”

So instead of feeling weary about your wait, lean into trying to understand the “why” of your wait. What lessons are there to be learned in this season that you’ve avoided? What do you need to learn or do to go to the next level? Once you focus on doing the work to get there on a fulls-spectrum level, you will truly understand divine timing. You won’t worry about what other people are doing because you know that literally all things work together for your good.

This picture represents divine timing personified. Joani Johnson is an Aboriginal elder that models at the beautiful age of 64. She is gorgeous and living her absolute best life, in her own divine timing!

What’s for you is for you, sis. Trust that you are on the right path and that ultimately you are moving towards your greater purpose. Have a great week!